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Restaurant POS is a vital component for managing the restaurant order. Restaurant POS will make your business easier to manage your walking order, Tab base order, table-wise order, booking a table and managing inventory & kitchen, and many more options.

It is very important to manage inventory for the restaurant.In this era inventory management is a key to increasing sales, and revenue and providing the best customer service. Nowadays every restaurant constantly faces many problems like handling the food & customer demand.

The most common thing is out-of-stock foods or food scheduling. On the other hand, restaurants have many variant foods (sizes) or chains that are complicated in order which has an impact on inventory or restaurant. Webase Soluions designed and developed proven solutions for restaurant and specific business requirements.

We offer all systems that can make it easy to keep track of the sales item and manage inventory & kitchen. You can analyze customer demand and find out which foods are best now.

Our restaurant management system includes Bill & Invoice, Item purchase, Inventory management, Employee management, Customer loyalty, advance report, and accounts management. A complete POS system made up of different modules integrates all the portions of the business. All business departments and their functionality can be combined in one place.

Once you implement the POS it helps you to analyze all the activities on a day-to-day basis and also helps you to monitor all activities.

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Significant Features for our system

Order Management System

Manage orders of customers' walking orders, Tab base orders, and table-wise orders. You can track Order list, Pending order list, Complete order, Cancel order, etc.

Table Reservation

Customer can book a table by this Table reservation. Effortlessly manage guests and give access to turn tables faster, manage your waitlist faster and also reduce errors efficiently.

Inventory Management

You will get your inventory condition, track waste food, and save time. Get a notification with an email alert and view your inventory reports with one click. Manage multi-outlet all in one platform.

kitchen Manage

When your customer completes the order process, you can send the invoice to the kitchen worker/cook/chef. You can monitor everything in your kitchen & analyze customers’ orders.

Manage Customer Information

Keep all records of your customer like order history & personal information. So that you can contact them later for many reasons like offers or campaigns.

Payment Options

In addition, you can set up any type of payment option like Credit Card, Cash, and Check or you can set your payment methods.

Cash Management

Easily track and manage your cash that is in the register in your system

Barcode Label Printing

You can create barcode labels for each product when they arrive in your store

Coupons & Promotions

Create Coupons codes for Specific customer or Promotions campaigns.

Commission Manage

Track employee commissions and define how much commissions can be applied.

Loyalty Customer Programs

Create Customer Loyalty programs so that you can get repeat customers.

VAT Report

You have to keep all VAT records, and easily report by NBR requirement wise.

Payment Account

You can manage your restaurant payment account as like List of Accounts, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, and many more

Multiple Locations

You can easily set up your store locations as your business requirements.


Get comprehensive insights and reports into your business. As like you can calculate daily sales & purchase reports and also maintain your daily, monthly or yearly profits & losses report.

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Why Should You Get Our Restaurant EVERPOS Software?

Technical support to your business through restaurant POS implementation is no longer a luxury, but the need of the hour. It lets the authorities and faculties drive their attention away from mundane tasks and resource them for better management and the advancement of the business.

A one-time investment that guarantees smooth operation and management in your business sector, Our POS has a track record of 100% success in implementation. Here are a few factors which make our POS the best in the restaurant industry:

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